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About Metanet Agile

CEO Message

Metanet Agile started IT services encompassing consulting, system integration and maintenance, outsourcing business in 2000 and has been constantly
expanding and growing business scope and scale and became a leading IT company.

We are proud that, throughout the rapidly changing technology convergence environment with new information technologies, we have always been
our clients’ trusted partner in financial services, manufacturing, public, education and retail industry who are constantly striving for their business transformation and resulting increase in true business value.

Since 2016, Metanet Agile has been seeking another leap to best cope with digital trend represented by the 4th industrial revolution, which is to level-up
our technology capabilities to lead digital transformation and to scale-up the business line to be competitive in the global market.

Metanet Agile will continue to provide professional IT services leveraging the excellence of technology and skilled professionals and become a true leader of
IT innovator.

Metanet Agile is wishing to grow together with clients, and that is why we are committed to fulfilling our role and responsibilities to help clients
become competitive.

Chief Executive Officer

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