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System Outsourcing BU

AMO (Application Management Outsourcing)

Metanet Agile provides an end-to-end service for the operation of all or individual enterprise applications, encompassing the entire application life cycle such as business application development, maintenance, and optimized operation.

Application Development and Maintenance
Quality services by developing, implementing and continuously maintaining the new or existing applications.
Oracle Application Outsourcing
Customized services using the flexible solution as a key Oracle partner that has the best experts specialized in Oracle applications.
SAP Application Outsourcing
Implementation, product support, service management, configuration management and customized application services
Transformational Application / IT Outsourcing
Professional services that enable customers to concentrate on core competence, based on efficient application operation, agility to changes, and many success cases and proven methodology to maximize the ROI.

IMO (Infrastructure Management Outsourcing)

We provide the best ROI for operating infrastructure, based on our specialty of well-structured organization, experience in operating large-scale infrastructure, unique processes and tools and a global knowledge network.

Data Center Outsourcing
Comprehensive services for data center management including efficient management of diverse hardware, software, and network resources, quick response to various troubles, data center development road map, flexible response to business needs, establishment of the strategy and implementation system to increase the ROI.
Network Outsourcing
Services that operate and manage network solutions and infrastructures in a stable manner, by identifying the optimal network establishment method that satisfies the customer’s IT environment and requirement, based on network analysis and diagnosis.
Service Desk Outsoursing
7x24 service desk for collecting and resolving inquiries, monitoring problem-solving process of various IT equipment failure reports.

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